Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Big Move

It's been awhile since I've posted. I know, I know you can yell at me I deserve it. I have plenty of good friends who just so happen to be chronically ill and also have blogs. When I don't see them post for a while I worry that something has happened to them. So I deserve to get yelled at for disappearing. But I assure you, I'm fine. I'm actually better than fine these days because, well, I've been getting on with my life!

Since going Failsafe back in May, my health has continued to improve. No, I'm not cured, but my symptoms have progressed from terrifying to annoying. So this is progress!

Over the past few weeks, I have packed and moved an entire house pretty much by myself. Of course I enlisted the help of a few strapping male friends to help with the furniture and lifting the heavy stuff, but I packed everything on my own. I even was able to move some things in my car and lift some lighter boxes. I sorted my mess of a garage and organized an online rummage sale. It took me two weeks, working about 6 hours a day.

And the streak hasn't stopped! I've also been able to unpack and organize the new house. We now live in a carpet free home, which has made a HUGE difference.

 Cleaning (with non toxic products of course!) has become apart of my daily regime along with some light exercise.

Compared to where I was a few months ago, this is a very epic win! I've become more and more active, and less and less a prisoner to my couch. The fatigue is no longer a permanent resident, and for the first time in years I feel alive again.

I thank God every single day for the strides I continue to make in my health, both physically and mentally. I'm in a really good place right now :)

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