Forums and Support Groups

Planet Thrive- Really awesome EI forum with some great peeps! Also tons of info and tips about adapting to an EI lifestyle.

Salicylate A great forum for Sals intolerant folks. Lots of good info as well.

Labs and Testing (In the US)

Canary Club- best and most affordable place to get hormone testing done, including saliva and blood spot panels

Parasitology Center Inc.- Parasite testing, ID, and GI analysis at very reasonable prices

My Med Lab- just about every blood test you can ask for, without doctor's orders

Food and Farms

Scooby's Farm- Located in Davie, FL. This is the only place that I get my poultry. The animals are free range and fed an organic diet that does not contain any soy whatsoever. Never any hormones or antibiotics. 

Marando Farms- Located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. This is a wonderful farmers market that offers fresh, organic produce, pasture raised and finished beef, and raw dairy from local Florida farms. 

Josh's Organic Garden- A cool little produce market on the Hollywood Beach boardwalk. They're only open on Sundays, but they offer a nice variety of organic fruits, veggies, and nuts all grown on Josh's local farm. They have a really great juice and smoothie bar too!

Joash's Organic Creamery- Located in St. Rose, FL-  Offering raw, organic dairy. Their Jersey cows are pasture raised with beyond organic principals on 85 acres. No antibiotics, hormones or synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used by these 4th generation dairy farmers. I pick mine up over at Marando Farms. As required by Florida law, raw milk is labeled "not for human consumption". To learn more about the amazing health benefits of raw milk, check out the Weston Price Foundation website. 

Arrowhead Beef- Located in Chipley, FL- Pastured raised and finished beef. Never any hormones or antibiotics. I pick mine up at Marando Farms every week, but I have visited the farm before. Talk about spoiled cows :)

Rosa's Farm- Located in Ocala, FL. When I lived in Ocala I would go there every week to get my pasture beef. They have since expanded and now offer a variety of other organic meats as well.

Other Blogs that I Love

Life in the Dollhouse- My bestie has the most amazing family! She always has the scoop on great giveaways too. 

The Low Histamine Chef- Great low histamine recipes and tips for a low histamine lifestyle (warning: not Failsafe compatible!). The author, Yasmina Ykelenstam, suffered many years on the medical merry-go-round with numerous misdiagnoses before discovering that she was histamine intolerant. She is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the subject.

Stop the Thyroid Madness!- In my opinion, the most informative and insightful thyroid site out there. The site's author, Janie Bowthorpe, is a thyroid activist who suffered on the medical merry-go-round for years. 

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